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Yash Interior offers a premium and comprehensive range of uPVC doors and windows suitable for every type of space and building, be it homes, offices, retail stores, hospitality establishments, or healthcare facilities.

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UPVC Doors play an important role in the design aesthesis and performance of buildings. It provides a visual and physical connection between the indoor and the outdoor environment and enhances the overall appearance of the building. Globally, uPVC doors have been widely accepted due to their aesthetic values and excellent insulation properties.

Un-plasticized Polyvinyl chloride is sturdy material that is used widely in the construction industry. In the previous certain years, the usage of Un-plasticized Polyvinyl chloride has grown immensely and is currently one of the most popular building materials.

The doors add style to your house, and therefore, it is a very important aspect to the appearance of your house.

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If uPVC windows is what you were always looking for, but did not opt for it because of the price. Now you can buy high-quality uPVC windows for your home at affordable prices with YashInterior. uPVC windows from YashInterior are engineered for Indian climatic conditions and can easily withstand the high intensity of the sun and heavy rainfall without degrading in quality. We offer 100% tailor-made solutions for your homes and offices. Contact us today and watch our window experts transform your house to a home.

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uPVC Doors

Many interior designers prefer door systems that provide physical separation of the space without losing the visual integrity. On the other hand, some designers choose concealed sliding door systems or movable walls to cleverly maximize space and add a modern touch at the same time. Modern room door designs are so much more than just beautiful entrances. They have the potential to provide a structure and change the interiors adding a lot more to the design aspect than just a spectacular hardware piece like handle or molding. Whether a glass door, wooden door, Dutch door, French door, jali door, grill door, sliding door, pivoting door, or front door, choose a design that fits all your requirements.

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uPVC Windows

Windows have a huge role in interior design. These are not only used for light and ventilation but also act as main element in designing an interior wall. Large windows with beautiful copings or carvings look aesthetically pleasing and give a sense of grandeur to a place. The frame of these windows can create a dramatic effect when painted in bold and bright colors. It lightens up the dull walls. Frames can be made with different materials available in the market like stainless steel, aluminium, UPVC and wood.

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